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About BallStars

BallStars is headquartered in beautiful New Century Kansas about 30 miles southwest of Kansas City.  To visit us just go to:

Star Innovations II, LLC - dba / BallStars
100 Mission Woods Dr
New Century, KS 66031

A long time ago in a land not far away, BallStars began as sports memorabilia company just outside of Kansas City.

Today - almost two decades later - BallStars is a sports memorabilia company just outside of Kansas City…

but now with a global reach.

In May of 2015, investors from NYC, LA, and Silicon Valley formed Star Innovations II to acquire this really cool IP and technology and recapitalized the company.  Our soon to be announced killer Advisory Board of international consumer products experts will provide guidance and structure as we rapidly expand.

Even though we’re going global, we’ll always be proud of our Midwestern roots and so we keep them where they ought to be, right here in Kansas City because…

 “There is no place like home!"



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