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March 2012 BallStars Granted European Union Patent
January 2012 BallStars Granted Canadian Patent Approval
January 2012 BallStars Features New Mid-sized 2 Panel Football!
January 2012 BallStars Offers New Mid-Sized Autograph Basketball!
January 2010 On-Site Sports Photo Events made easy with BallStars system on wheels
September 2009 New Product Announcement - Baby Blocks
June 2009 BallStars at 2009 NBA Draft
March 2009 BallStars at 2009 NBA AllStar Jam Session
August 2008 BallStars Ranks No. 4088 on the 2008 Inc. 5,000
May 2008 Webinar Announcement - CorelPHOTO Paint: The essential skill set!
March 2007 BallStars Adds 280 Photo Ball Templates
February 2007 BallStars Offers E-Commerce Web Sites To Licensees
October 2006 BallStars Adds New Football Gift Boxes
October 2006 BallStars Adds Hockey
September 2006 BallStars Offers Football Trophies
August 2006 BallStars Offers Soccer Trophies
July 2006 BallStars Adds Lacrosse Balls
July 2006 BallStars Offers Personalized Golf Ball Awards
June 2006 BallStars Helps Commemorate University of Texas Football Win
May 2006 BallStars Offers Mini Bowling Balls
March 2006 BallStars Offers New Football Kicking Tee
February 2006 BallStars’ Offers Photo Ball Baseball Awards
January 2006 BallStars’ Offers Variety of Cases And Holders -Accesories
January 2006 BallStars’ Chosen By Sprint for Picture Mail Contest
November 2005 BallStars’ Adds Gift Boxes
October 2005 BallStars’ Adds Water Polo Balls
October 2005 BallStars’ Provides Hard To Find Men's Gifts
September 2005 BallStars’ Ballstars Adds Cricket Balls
September 2005 BallStars’ Moves to a New Building
August 2005 BallStars’ Licensee Uses Free Publicity to Promote Business
July 2005 BallStars’ Ball Raises $2,500 For Foundation
July 2005 BallStars' Adds Golf Balls
June 2005 BallStars' Adds Oak Display Case
May 2005 BallStars' Adds Mini Home Plates
May 2005 Buck O’Neil Presented With Commemorative Ball
March 2005 BallStars' Adds Rugby Balls
February 2005 BallStars' Signs Adds Pro Automatic System
January 2005 BallStars' Releases New Product Brochure
November 2004 BallStars' Releases New Product Brochure
October 2004 BallStars' Updates Web Site To Be More Comprehensive
September 2004 Tap New Markets With BallStars Photo Transfer Pet Balls
August 2004 Increase Profits With New Full-Size Ball Display Bases
August 2004 BallStars' Baby Baseball & Baby Softballs
July 2004 BallStars' Offers Photo Transfer Christmas Ornaments
May 2004 BallStars' Names Japanese Master Licensee
April 2004 BallStars' Offers Full Collection Of Photo Transfer Balls
March 2004 BallStars' Offers Portable Photo Ball Transfer System
February 2004 BallStars' Offers In-House Training
January 2004 BallStars' Introduces Photo Ball Transfer System



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