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Sprint Chooses Ballstars
For Picture Mail Contest

When Sprint, a national telecommunications company that manufactures picture cell phones, wanted to promote its new PCS Picture Mail services, it decided to hold a photography contest with a soccer theme. The winner receives a one-day soccer clinic in her/her hometown conducted by Ally Wagner, a member of the U.S. Women’s Soccer team, and thanks to Ballstars, the winning photo was placed on an authentic full-size soccer ball and 25 mini soccer balls.

With Ballstars’ ability to take photos and graphics and permanently adhere them to any of 16 authentic sports ball styles, Sprint felt that a Ballstars’ soccer ball would be a perfect prize to offer. The winner, Meghan Greene, a 9-year-old from Charlotte, N.C., won with a photo her dad took of her in action on the field. Greene received a full-size ball and each of her teammates received the mini version.

“This is just one great example of how Ballstars’ photo transfer balls can be used to publicize a business, event, or promotion,” notes BallStars. “Over and over again, we see our customers come up with increasing creative ways to use our unique products. Because we are the exclusive supplier, our photo transfer balls are not seen time after time, and so they are regarded as a fun, new product that is instantly liked and accepted.”

Ballstars’ unique photo ball transfer system uses balls that are treated with a proprietary coating that allow them to accept transfers. Complete packages include a specially designed ball heat press, sports balls (16 styles available), a Minolta printer, and all other supplies needed to get started. For more information on how you can set up a business offering photo transfer sports balls, contact sales at (800) 237-0653; e-mail:; or visit the Web site at