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Ballstars Adds Cricket Balls

While cricket has its strongest following in Europe, it’s a growing sport in the United States as well. According to the United States of America Cricket Association, cricket is played in 50 states, in which there are 29 leagues, 500 clubs, and approximately 10,000 players. The biggest cricket states include New Jersey, New York, California, Florida, and Texas.

To cater to its growing list of European customers and in recognition of the increasing popularity in the United States, BallStars recently added a cricket ball to its collection of authentic sports balls that can be decorated with a photo heat transfer. Two regulation size cricket balls are available: one in solid white and one in red and white. They are pressed with the same platen as the baseball. The balls are sold in case quantities of one dozen, but there is no minimum order required.

To apply heat transfers to the cricket balls, BallStar’s exclusive proprietary turn-key system must be used, which includes a printer and a patented heat press. For more information, contact BallStars at (800)237-0653; e-mail:; or visit the Web site at