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Ballstars’ Ball Raises $2,500 For Foundation

Teams, schools, and other organizations are always looking for ways to raise funds to support their causes. What many Ballstars’ licensees have learned is a photo transfer ball makes a great fund-raiser because it is so unique and the ability to personalize each ball makes it much more appealing to people who are sick of buying popcorn, gift wrap, and candy to support their kid’s activities.

Jay Doyscher, owner, PhotoBalls, Fairmont, Minn., had a special opportunity to contribute a fund-raising ball that had special meaning for the family involved and also raised a whopping $2,500 for a very worthy cause.

Doyscher, who also has a sports photography business called Action 2 Photo, has had great success placing Ballstars’ photo ball gift kits with screen printers, embroiderers, gift shops, photo-developing stores, jewelry stores, and sporting goods stores. To date, he has placed the gift order packet displays in 51 stores.

“Customers purchase the gift kit in the store, fill it out, and send the gift kit to us. We mail it back to the store for them to pick up. By having to stop by the store to pick the order up, it’s an incentive for the stores to get a little extra business because the customer has to come back to their door a second time,” says Doyscher.

One of his stores, Moore Monograms & More, Estherville, Iowa, owned by Cindy Moore, an embroiderer, had a tragedy affect her small town. A 12-year-old boy named Collin Helmers, drowned in a boating accident last summer.

In memory of Collin and to take action to increase water safety in the area, the Collin Helmers Foundation was formed with the intention of providing scholarship money for students interested in studying emergency water rescue and also to buy equipment such as underwater cameras.

To fund the foundation, organizers decided to hold an auction. While Cindy was talking to her two neighbors whose hair salon was a few doors down from her shop, the idea came up to create a special commemorative football to be auctioned in Collin’s name. Cindy called Jay and the football, which featured Collin’s photo, was created. Jay charged his regular price, but threw in an oak display case for free to enhance the value of the item.

On the day of the auction it ended up being the highest single item sold for $2,500. It was bought by Collin’s uncle who then presented it to Collin’s parents. The next day an article about the auction and its highest-selling item was featured in the local newspaper. But that’s not the end of the story.

“Since then, Moore Monograms called us and ordered additional balls, because they felt the uncle should have his own ball since he paid that much money,” recalls Jay. “So we made two more full-size footballs, which were presented to the uncle and the grandparents.”

This story is just one example of the many ways that Ballstars products can be used to promote worthy causes and raise revenue. Be aware of opportunities in your area where you can help organizations meet their fund-raising goals.