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Increase Profits With New Full-Size Ball Display Bases

Football CaseDramatically increase the perception and value of personalized full-size photo balls by offering one of two new acrylic display cases. Customers will appreciate having a way to protect their prized memento as well as the enhanced, professional appearance. And you will make a higher profit on each order sold.

The football case, #77130, measures 10 ¼ by 15 ¾ by 8 inches and the basketball/volleyball/soccer ball case, #77125 , measures 13 by 13 by 12 inches. Both are made of a thin, high-grade acrylic that is crystal clear. The acrylic top lifts off allowing you to place the ball inside. Each case includes a solid-oak pedestal measuring 2 inches high that has a ¾-inch area to place an engraved brass plate (not included). The pedestal features a laser cut opening to securely hold the ball in place.

Basketball CaseComparable display cases retail for between $49 to $110. Many similar cases are made of cheap plastic with a plywood base. The Ballstars' case far exceeds the quality of any full-sized ball case on the market. At a wholesale cost of only $29, you can easily sell the case at retail for $79.95. As an extra inventive, offer a 25% discount on the case if purchased with a full-sized photo sports ball.

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