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BallStarsTM Introduces Photo Ball Transfer System

Introducing Photo Ball Transfer SystemNEW CENTURY, KS - Are you looking for a great new item to sell to your customers? The Photo Ball System, a unique turnkey package offered by BallStarsTM, allows any decorator-small or large-to create unique, personalized sports balls with photos. This system is ideal for marketing to sports teams, schools, churches, tourists, photographers, booster clubs, or other types of organizations. It allows you to put a person's photo, logo's and text on an actual ball that can be used as a memento, award, thank-you gift, or fund-raiser. Real sports balls are specially treated with a proprietary coating to accept a color laser printer transfer. The transfers are adhered using BallStars'TM patented heat transfer process and press, which is specifically designed to heat seal images to various shapes of balls or Christmas ornaments. There also is a special attachment to do hockey pucks. The minimum average net profit per ball is estimated at $15, according to the company. Several starter kits are available. The Automatic System starter kit comes with everything needed including the heat press, toner, paper, tools, and other supplies so you can start making the money the day the equipment arrives. Balls are available in 16 styles. These include baseball, softball, golf, basketball, football, soccer, and volleyball. There are two sizes available: a full regulation and a popular mini ball. Hockey pucks and ornaments also are available. The BallstarsTM photo transfer system uses a proprietary process and equipment that has been tested for consistent results with minimal waste. For this reason, it is offered only as a package since results cannot be guaranteed if the proper equipment, supplies, and balls are not used. Balls are intended for display purposes and not for actual use. Leasing is available.

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