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Target Markets

Money Making Ideas

As our customers will attest, there are a many ways you will profit with a BallStars Photo Ball System. Below lists only a few of the numerous markets available to you and some examples of how our dealers are selling these highly prized photo balls into those markets.


  • Youth Sports Teams
  • High Schools
  • Photographers
  • Little Leagues
  • Trophy Shops
  • Universities
  • Corporate Incentives
  • School Bands
  • Civic Groups
  • Clubs
  • Tournaments
  • Amusement Parks
  • Athletic Directors
  • Fundraising
  • Booster Clubs
  • Churches
  • Gift Stores
  • Hospitals
  • New Parents
  • Grandparents

Ideas That Work

Autograph Day (Markets = Youth Sports Teams, High Schools, Photographers, Little Leagues)

A baseball autographed by a child with his photo and team name and date makes a great gift for parents and grandparents. Suggest to league organizers that on picture day, each child’s autograph also be collected to create personalized balls for each player.


Coaches’ Thank You Gift (Markets = Universities, High Schools, Little Leagues)

Any coach will appreciate receiving a commemorative sports ball with the team’s photo on it, the team name, and the year.


Photographer Photo Ball Package (Markets = Youth Sports Teams, Photographers, Little Leagues)

While many photographers offer á la carte choices to team family members when photos are taken, one photographer observed that this created a lot of confusion among the parents. He experimented one season when he took the annual photos of a girl’s softball league. He offered only one package for $39.95 that included four wallet-size pictures, two 5-x-7 pictures, one 8-x-10 photo, a photo key chain, a luggage tag, and a photo softball. He ended up selling 82 packages. He usually would not sell more that 80% of the families anyway, so he upgraded his sales from a $12.95 average to $39.95.


Employee of the Month (Markets = Corporate Incentives)

Many corporations have a monthly employee of the month award. As the licensee was discussing his product with the company’s buyer, the idea came up to use a photo football for the employee of the month award as the company’s other contests and newsletter centered around a sports theme.


Non-Sale, Sales Call (Markets = Trophy Shop, Gift Stores)

A “sales” call does not have to be a pushy, uncomfortable process where you have to feel like you are forcing yourself onto unsuspecting potential customers. Thanks to the many merchandising and sales aids the BallStars offers, it’s easy to set up an appointment with a store owner or stop in to show him the oak display case, some personalized product post cards, and an ornament in a display box. With the company’s order packages, all the retailer has to do is agree to have the display in his store, and then he sells the kit to the customer who takes it home, fills it out, and mails it into you. Offer to leave the display kit and information and come back at a later time to explain it.


High School Fund-raising (Markets = High Schools, Fundraising)

High schools must conduct fund-raisers each year to help defray many of their costs that school budgets do not cover. Car washes, pizzas, trash bags, and candy bars are most widely used by bands to raise money. But at 35 cents profit a piece, a tremendous amount of candy bars must be sold to raise the typically required amounts of $2,000 to $4,000. Suggest to your local high schools to use the BallStars’ approach of offering personalized holiday ornaments and other sports balls as a fund-raising program that will produce profits for the groups of between $5 and $10 per item.


Soccer Moms

High School Sports

Youth Little Leagues


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